The 1st National Agroforestry Forum will be held in Rome on 6 -7 December 2023, at the Rome headquarters of the CNR, P.le Aldo Moro n.8.

Agroforestry is the deliberate association of agricultural crops and perennial tree or shrub species, with the possible presence of the animal component, in the same surface unit.

AIAF (Italian Association of Agroforestry) invited farmers, technicians, business consultants, political decision makers, researchers, land and landscape planners and anyone working on issues relating to agroforestry to present experiences, testimonials from companies and territories, research and case studies on this topic, in round tables (final program) and with posters that will be presented with online or video publication (video-poster).

In the six round tables that take place during the Forum, agroforestry in Italy is discussed with respect to the following themes:

Carbon farming and climate emergency
Primary production and energy
Biodiversity and other ecosystem services
Policies and certification
Rural economy and development
Territory landscape and culture